Monday, 25 June 2012

The Present

We all have a choice to make in life - to be happy or to be unhappy. And this is irrespective of the circumstances that we are placed in at any point of time. 

If I choose to be unhappy, I can definitely manage to complain and be discontent even in the best of circumstances. I may have a very comfortable, well paying job that I enjoy doing, but I can certainly find something to complain about - that non cooperative colleague, the lack of interesting assignments, discontent over not being recognized well enough, company policies ..
But on the other hand, I can feel blessed and happy that I have a workplace that gives me a chance to prove my potential and that income which has made me independent. And as for those small pain points, I could stop complaining and analyze it, work through/work around it, solve it or simply learn to live with it. That way I ensure peace for myself and everyone around.

I may have everything that I ever need in my life but I can still complain about that one thing that is eluding my grasp at the moment - that impending pay hike, that dream home, that T- Shirt and Jeans that fit me ‘perfectly’, that tailor who can stitch my clothes the way I imagine them to be.. It’s a long endless list and hence a moving target.
But as a simple alternative, all I need to do is to remember that there is a God above who knows the big picture. He alone can see the entire jigsaw puzzle and knows what fits where. And most importantly, the pieces are in his hands and not in mine! So there is really no point in worrying. Sounds logical eh?
When we sit down in prayer to ask him for those things that ‘ought’ to be ours, am sure he is sitting up there and laughing at our ignorance. We must be appearing very similar to that small child who wants to jump out of the running train to retrieve his toy that slipped out of the window. The innocent little one has no clue that he may probably not live to retrieve the toy. We grown up children are very much the same.

In vying for something that we do not have at the moment, we totally miss out on what we have in hand. We do not enjoy the ‘present’. Yes, pun intended. We throw away the gifts being given to us looking at that which is impending. And when the much awaited impending gift arrives, we sigh over what we threw away previously because the new gift is certainly different from the previous one and has its own challenges.
A mother waits for her toddler to grow up so that he becomes less dependent and when he actually does, it tugs her heart that he isn’t her little baby and doesn’t need her anymore for bathing, dressing and feeding.

So ultimately, we end up unhappy then, unhappy now and unhappy forever.

Instead, if we count our blessings and enjoy the present, how wonderful life would be! That way we would have enjoyed all that went by, all that we have at the moment and look forward to all that is yet to come with positivity. And also, we would be ensuring that when we do look back at all that was ours, it is with fondness and not with regret.
Enjoy those hectic days with your completely dependent toddler. And when he grows up, look back with happiness at those days and look at the present with pride as he rides his own bicycle.

Wake up each day to thank God for all that is yours. For those little irritants that always persist in life, resolve to vanquish them – either by finding a solution or by simply refusing to allow them to affect your spirits.
For what has gone by, be happy for having walked those roads and for all that it has contributed towards the person that you are today. And for all that is going to come, brace up and welcome it with open arms.

Be thankful for the past, enjoy the present and be sure that a wonderful future awaits you! 


  1. Beautiful. Isn't this such a simple thing to understand, yet for the vast majority of us, we simply fail to internalize it.
    "Moving target" - perfect phrase!

    1. Hi Aparna!
      Yes, it is indeed simple to understand and possible to live up to, most of the times .. But I guess it is during those remaining few real tough times in life that it becomes challenging .. If we are able to conquer our low spirits even during those times, then we have truly internalized this simple yet profound truth of life. And its only peace and happiness thereafter :)

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to this space!!

  2. Ah! I can completely relate with what you write :) :) I always tell myself and those around me to enjoy the moment instead of getting lost in the past or worrying about the future...In doing this, we lose the most important moment - the moment at present...the time NOW!!

    1. Glad you could relate to what I wrote Dhivya.. And going by the little bit that I know about you from your writing, am sure you are one of those people who must be following it already :)

  3. Very true..and perfectly worded..
    We all know this truth somewhere deep down, yet we run after something which always eludes us.
    strangely enough my recent post is on similar lines ;-)

    1. Correct Uma .. We all let slip in spite of knowing what is right .. We can clearly see the only path that can keep us at peace and yet at times, we take take the road that diverges, only to come scrambling back after having undergone some unnecessary and pointless turmoil ..

      I read your poem at my workplace today but the office network played spoilsport and din't allow me to comment :(
      How strange that we should have the same ruminations with perfect timing !!
      Some telepathic vibes at work between us eh ? ;)

  4. how did i miss this all these days .How true aarthy whatever you have written .Looks as if it is specially meant for me .thank you shyamala

    1. Ha ha amma you were the inspiration for this post ;)

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  6. Proably i am living a happy life now because of your influence of living together for 25 years s a silver jubilee


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