Thursday, 31 July 2014

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

I would wholeheartedly give more of myself to people around me. Without inhibitions. Without worrying if my affection is really welcome. Without doubts about them thinking that I am invading their space. Most importantly, without the fear that they would start taking me for granted and invade my life.

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I happen to be a qualified and certified introvert. I usually maintain a respectful distance from most people other than my close family and friends. I am a huge supporter of these qualities too. If you are an introvert by nature, you have every right to be. Having often been put off by people who invade too much into others' business, I have become weary of doing it even to a permissible level.

Barring the close family and friends circle that I mentioned, I am very guarded in showing my affection to people outside the periphery. I am afraid it would turn out to be inappropriate or unwelcome. Many times, I can see that it is welcome, but I still hold back. I am afraid that things would go out of my control once I reciprocate beyond the demands of propriety and that I would end up having to hurt their feelings while I take the effort to hold the reins of the relationship. Or even worse, if I would end up crossing what they think is the permissible limit.So my logic is, why risk it at all? But I do not know if it is entirely right.

One of my managers in a workplace where I had spent a considerable amount of time told me at the time of my leaving the company - 'Even if you do not want to be friends with someone, do not ignore them, it hurts'. If I was ever in doubt, I needed no further proof to the fact that I am very stingy with my love and affection even where it is welcome.

For the sake of the majority of cases where it would be appreciated (all of us appreciate genuine affection after all!), I should be able to handle the minority where things may go a little awry.But then, here I am doing the exact opposite! If I am ever able to conquer this fear and show more of well deserved love and affection to people around me, I would have taken a huge step forward in life and I would be a much better person than I am now!

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Book Review : To Sir, With Love - By E. R. Braithwaite

After a lot of failed efforts with disappointing books, 'To Sir, With Love' came in like a breath of fresh air. It gave me the pleasure of reading a meaningful story written in very good language after a long time. The ones by contemporary authors have such repetitive plots and are seldom free from slang and swear words that I almost had tears of happiness while reading this very heartening story written in flawless language :)

The book is an autobiography where Braithwaite(the author) tells us about his journey as a 'black man' in a hypocritical English society in which racial discrimination and prejudice against black people is deep rooted . He begins the book by narrating how he struggles to find a job in spite of being extremely well qualified and having a wealth of work experience. After repeated failed attempts, he realizes that the real reason behind the refusals is his skin color. The callous attitude of the white people comes as a huge shock to him after his much respected stint in the army and the author has very poignantly captured how he feels at this juncture - the actual state of affairs in society dawning upon him, his future suddenly becoming bleak and the sheer unfairness of racial discrimination.To me, this was the most defining moment in the book.

Now coming to the main plot of the story. Braithwaite then manages to get a position as a teacher in a school which has children from a very poor background and unpolished society. The book thereafter talks about his very eventful journey in breaking the ice with the extremely ill bred children, winning their respect and how he succeeds in making gentlemen and ladies out of that seemingly hopeless lot. He also talks about the challenges he and the white woman he loves face in the hands of society that completely disapproves of the relationship.

Throughout the book, the genuineness with which he talks about the ups and downs in his journey is the main winning factor. It completely draws the reader into the author's life and all that it conveys.Every milestone that he achieves in his professional and personal life is heart rending to read and you can feel the triumph of his successes at each juncture. I would attribute this majorly to the strength of the author's feelings apart from his mastery over the English language. This might not have been possible if it was just a piece of fiction. The fact that the story is the author's personal journey adds authenticity to the emotions expressed in the book and it touches the reader too.

'To Sir, With Love' is not just another story. It makes the reader think a lot while reading and thereafter too. This is the kind of book that broadens your vision, puts things in perspective and improves your mind.  I would say it is a must read for all those who love good literature.