Friday, 27 March 2015

Baby Diaries : Milestones Galore !!

The little man is 6 months old and it has been a downpour of milestones for quite a while now! With my sisters' kids and all of my cousins' kids, I have seen and celebrated only the major milestones like rolling over, starting to move, walking and talking. But I now realise that when its your own kid and you spend all of your time with him, you tend to notice every little change and the baby steps he takes towards growing up.Observing each of them is such a pleasure and makes me wonder at God's creation. How well babies learn and progress in that same order!

With the little one, it is now the season of loud laughter, experimenting with various sounds ranging from mouth bubbles to shrill screams, lots and lots of that adorable gummy toothless smile and incessant biting of fingers and anything he can lay his hands on. His babbles are getting cuter by the day and he talks his baby tongue whenever he catches sight of something interesting. He holds quite a bit of conversations with me and his dad too in that adorable baby lingo! He is also slowly beginning to recognise faces. If anyone else holds him and his mom and dad are not anywhere nearby, he pouts and begins to cry. Same happens if he suddenly meets too many new people and one of them pick him up.

When he was less then two months old and I was really struggling with baby care, the husband once said "You will cherish all this someday". To which I simply rolled my eyes and said 'Impossible'! But now when I see him growing up so fast, I feel like its all slipping away from my fingers too soon. I am going to really miss this stage when he babbles, screams, rolls over, lifts his head and looks up to flash a smile. When he is interesting and yet cannot move much which makes taking care of him a not so tough task.When he sleeps for enough time giving me breaks in between to spend some much needed 'me time'.

With cooking, bathing and feeding the little one, playing with him, cartloads of laundry, keeping the house running, reading and writing when I can, my time is pretty much taken up. But as I write this, only one word flashes in my mind - Contentment.

PS : I wrote this post a while ago but delayed posting it. And I already need to edit. But I am reserving the new happenings for another post for I want to record these wonderful days in as much of detail as I can. For, I know I am going to cherish reading them one day :)