Sunday, 12 October 2014

A New Arrival !!

On the 10th of September, a cute little bundle of joy came into this world to light up our lives. An unknown happiness rushed through my veins as I heard the first cry - a bit muffled from within and amplified many times as he was taken out.A short while later,  I looked up to see the baby that had been kicking away to glory within me until then - an angry little one annoyed at being taken out of his warm water filled familiar home. 'Its a boy!' the husband announced from behind.

The procedure was surprisingly hazzle free with the wonderful hospital staff and the doctor being extremely kind and reassuring. Kudos to them! The days that followed were quite tough with managing pains from a surgery and coping with being a new mom. My family was a rock of support with mom, sis and the husband working round the clock to take care of me and the new arrival. Handling a new born is a first time experience for the husband but he was surprisingly quick in learning. From changing dirty nappies to burping the baby after feeds -  he could do it all within a day's time! Dad did all the transporting work between the hospital and home and my aged aunts cooked traditional 'pathiyam' for me.

However,the magnitude of being a mom hit me full fledged only after I came home. With no all knowing nurses and doctors to run to for every small trouble or doubt, I became a nervous wreck. The first two weeks saw me breaking down for ever minor hitch that I had to face while caring for my newborn. Being the primary care giver for a completely helpless and totally dependent being is overwhelming to say the least. What if I do something wrong? What if his discomforts are because of my not understanding his cues properly?Am I doing my job properly? These questions plague me every now and then.

The husband was and continues to be the official psychiatrist for my maddening fears and stress related outbursts :) His visits and everyday catch up sessions over phone are the biggest energizers for me in what can sometimes feel like walking through a dark endless tunnel. Mom is being as patient as mother earth with all my inexplicable angry outbursts and nervous breakdowns. Sis is my Santa Claus - reminding me all the time that there is a world outside of baby care, talking to me about clothes, books and potential holidays. We have a blast every time she takes time out of her own hectic schedule(managing a home and two kids) to chip in with baby care.

Amidst all this hullabaloo, the little one's funny noises and facial expressions still manage to evoke smiles and laughter from the otherwise harried me. So there is something magical about a new born baby and being a mom I guess :)

After what seemed like ages, its been a month now and am slowly getting back my footing. There is still a long way to go to get back to my normal self but am at least beginning to. I do throw a fit every now and then and sometimes get extremely stressed out even if the baby is a little troublesome. But I am not harried by every sneeze and hiccup from him. I am slowly learning his ways and we are starting to get along! Looks like me and the lil one will be good friends after all :)