Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Baby Diaries : My little boy is polite!!

Image source: Internet

Look into his cradle as soon as he is up and there it is, in spite of him being just half awake. Peek at him when he is restless for food or sleep and it peeks in too. Talk to him while he is in deep rumination over something that his baby mind has seen and it comes instantly. Call out to him while he is at a totally involved try to crawl or is experimenting what all he can do with his hands –it would still flash on that lovely round face- eyes light up and the cute little rosy lips curve – into the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!

If we are lucky, we’d even get to hear a full fledged baby laugh. When he is about to fall asleep, his face usually gets all serious and he just stares at my face listening to the lullaby I am singing. Many times, that serious expression would make me smile and there! He would immediately flash one back in spite of all the sleep that is overpowering him .

The little man has a curious habit though. When he is terribly sleepy and his cheeks hang about his face with eyes reduced to a mere slit, he very easily slips into fits of laughter. The other day, I was rocking his cradle and singing bhajans one after another. Suddenly, he burst out laughing for one of the songs from the midst of his sleepy stupor. I then realized that he found the word ‘Vittala’ funny. The song was full of that name of the lord and for a few minutes, baby and mommy forgot all about sleep and enjoyed the singing accompanied by baby laughs :)

All the clockwork routine of feeding, bathing and putting the baby to sleep numerous times a day becomes completely worth it just for these surprise moments that ‘interfere’ with the schedule.  For, it is amidst the chugging along chores that these are hidden – Cute baby talk during bath time, spitting out food and smiling, laughing from the cradle as a sign of total refusal to sleep, tiring you out completely and then flashing an innocent smile-the list is a huge one. I would happily walk this continuous clockwork routine and not mind all the constraints that a baby imposes on life, just for these priceless moments.