Friday, 8 June 2012

Ink on Paper - For the Love of Writing ..

Finally .. A long cherished dream has come true .. The desire to express the gazillion thoughts that whirl in my mind, the reflections within my inner self, my take on so many things that happen around me,  awe and wonder over the beauty of God's creation and most importantly, for the sheer love of writing . Having been an avid reader right from childhood, I have always loved to write as well . After ages of writing poetry and hiding them at home,I published my first article for a college journal. I then went on to write more and to my delight, each one of them got published :) 
But the story ended with college as I put writing at the backseat once into a career .Not that I did not have the time . I would in fact keep thinking about writing and publishing and talk about it like a distant dream.

Now you would wonder what on earth held me back ,what with the love for writing, a few past successes certainly enough to encourage and the freely accessible and powerful medium called the internet. Sheer Laziness, the ‘Who would read it’, ‘What if I run out of stuff to write about’ and ’What if people don’t like my writing’ fears, total lack of enthusiasm .. The list is a long one .
So what sparked me on? 
A very powerful one liner that I came across in a training program - ‘Think Big, Start Small, Start now.’
Those power packed words coupled with encouragement from one of my favorite bloggers did the magic (She told me she would love to read my blog if I had one and readily signed up as a reader when I said was thinking about it! Thanks Uma !! It’s because of you that I got over that long list of fears )
So here I am, all fired up and enthusiastic to do something I really love ..Writing :)

This blog is going to be a potpourri with no specific lines of discussion. Eye opening experiences in life, reviews on Movies, books, concerts and restaurants, philosophies that I believe/don’t believe in, travelogues, cooking experiments (My sis has promised to do some guest posts too ).. That’s all am able to think of at the moment .. Will add on as I explore and discover more about this wonderful and thrilling experience that life is. 

And as much as I love to write, I would also like to know each and every one of your views on the various ideas that I hold.So do leave a line or two telling me what you think. Your valuable comments would be a reassurance and encouragement for me to keep writing in this space. 

Lets enjoy this journey discussing ideas, views and opinions. After all sharing multiplies happiness, reduces sorrow and makes life worth living. So lets hit the floor !!!


  1. Hey Aarthy,
    firstly, I love the bright colours here. And am so touched and humbled to see my name as an inspiration. Really, I do not consider myself that worthy but a million thanks that you do :-)
    I was sure that you write well and am glad to see that am not wrong.
    As promised, I'll be a regular here. Keep up the good work. Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Do add a follower's widget, so that I can follow you and another suggestion would be to remove the word captcha for the comments.

    1. Hi Uma,
      Thanks a lot for the warm welcome :) Glad you liked the colors .. Took quite a while to choose for am not that great with designs and colors usually ..
      I have added a follower's widget and turned off the captcha ..Thank you so much for the suggestions ..
      Am still new to the settings and options ..I guess i can improve with time ..
      Feels so nice to have a guide :)And a big welcome to you here :)

  3. Inspiring thought Aarthy !! Am sure you'll flood the world with your positive spirit!! Great going !!

    1. Thanks Srividhya !!
      Welcome to this space :)


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