Friday, 3 July 2015

A Tribute to Diversity

Image source: Internet

The birds chirped in unison
Creating divine music
The fish swam in the water
The very epitome of unity

The ducks paddled away in groups
Defining beauty itself
A pair of eagles swooped overhead
Gliding with ease and grace

The soothing winds blew
And the trees swayed in symphony
The flowers fell down in a shower
To form a carpet of softness and colour

Each of them was a thing of beauty
But the crystal clear water
Mirroring them all in one canvas
Was the most breathtaking sight

PS:  My poetry collection mostly comprises of the kiddish ones with rhyming words that I wrote as a child :) I am writing a poem after several years. This one was written for a contest. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Anu ! Celebrating your first imprint in this space :)

    2. Thanks Anu ! Celebrating your first imprint in this space :)

  2. I liked the poem, Aarthy! My poems used to be or even now are ones with rhyming words and yes when I read them after a while I feel quite foolish. Nevertheless, they are what came to my mind at that point and that's OK too :-D

    1. Nothing wrong with rhyming words Uma! That is quite an art too. I have read your poetry and they are mature and poignant. I was talking about my kiddy poems where I rhymed cat and mat just for the heck of it :)
      Thanks for liking the poem Uma. I need quite a bit of encouragement in this department :)

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