Saturday, 31 January 2015

Down the Alleys of Memory Lane

Whatever stage of life we may be in today, we all cherish our past, don't we? Childhood, the teenage years, the single young adult life, newly wed state - each phase has its own special memories and souvenirs that we associate with it. A few days back, I stood in my balcony, looking out at the distant city lights with the chilly wind whipping my face, listening to to this song.

As I listened, I got lost in the memories of my teenage years when I was a huge fan of indipop. Chitra's melliflous voice transported me to Madras and into my home in the apartment where we lived for nearly 10 years. I could see my sister and Archu(my best childhood buddy) sitting with me, enjoying the song and discussing the ambiguous ending.

To me, music is the most powerful connector to my happy past and the greatest reinforcement of my joyous present! I then listened to the songs that the just recruited college grads in my Bangalore workplace used to play in office. Instantly,I could feel the freedom of my just married life flow through my veins once again. The hour long bus journeys when I would read, listen to music or simply stare out of the window to drink in the sights of the new city that I had just began calling home, the team outings and our boisterous discussions about every other topic - I smiled as all this came rushing back in my mind. I treasure these experiences all the more now, when I cannot imagine leaving my baby to go out anywhere by myself.

And when this 15 minute long reverie ended, I was feeling content and refreshed. I had found a great de-stresser to unwind after a long day! My next visits would be to the carefree couple life and the numerous trips that the husband and I went on, whenever we felt like it. A few years down the line, I guess I would fondly recollect my little one's infant and toddler days. And yes, I am banking on music to play the apt background whenever I go down memory lane!


  1. Aarthy, I feel the same way about music. There are so many memories attached to some songs and whenever I hear them again, it's like a flashback button is pressed to that time of my life.
    Do you sing to your little one now?

    1. Its magical, is it not? :)
      Oh yes I do sing a lot to him. He loves listening to music already !!

  2. I love Chitra..every south Indian loves Chitra. I feel the same about music and talking about music from my teens..its embarrassing to state that I was once even a fan of falguni pathak

    1. So was I Red!! I still like 'yaad piya kiyane lagi ' with that hand swinging step :) Oh you' ve pushed me down the lane again with that comment :)


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