Saturday, 31 August 2013

There is so much to write about ...

But my wrestle with time is on in full swing. With weekdays at work and weekends taken up by travel and guests, even shopping for essentials and doing the laundry has crept into weekdays L

So I thought I should ease my soul that yearns to wield the pen, by jotting down what all I have to write about J This would also make sure that I do not lose track of all that is swirling in my head, waiting to be expressed. Now, lets get to the list. 

There are two travelogues to do.

The beautiful Kabini ornamented with birds

The first one is a trip to the banks of the enchanting river Kabini  during the monsoon. There was green and blue all around and we were mesmerised. I made friends with a new found hobby – Bird Watching and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. 

The two quiet days that we spent solely in the company of nature gave me a lot of time to listen to myself. So, quite a few ruminations and resulting philosophies wait to be propounded (The husband has already suffered the onslaught. Bwah hah hah hah .. Here I come to you all too) J

Udaipur - A dreamlike reality

The second one is about a trip to Udaipur commemorating my birthday. To describe it in one sentence, it turned out to be one of the most memorable birthdays I have celebrated so far. It was fascinating to experience a new culture in a place that seemed so unearthly and dreamlike. More on that in a detailed post.

So much for travel. Now let’s hop over to books and reading.

I have always found reading while travelling in buses to be a very nauseous experience. But mysteriously, this discomfort vanished all of a sudden and I now have a full 2 hours to read everyday! Having finally found a solution to the withdrawal symptoms that were showing up due to lack of reading, I laid my hands on three books. 

After a detailed research online and at a landmark store, I made the purchases in Flipkart! Let me introduce them to you :

  1.  Around India in 80 trains – by Monisha Rajesh
  2. My Family and other Animals – by Gerald Durrell
  3. Chanakya’s Chant – By Ashwin Sanghi

I am done with the first one and half way through the second. Both of them prove to be good reads. Reviews coming soon.

Having said all this, I will now cross my fingers and hope that I do write these intended posts! A few quiet weekends at home will accomplish it all even as we set the house right after a month of gross neglect.  

Here's to a lot more of writing !!


  1. so finally a post from you at last! Marriage ruins everything, ha! :D (okay that was a bad joke..)
    Udaipur mahal has been turned into a hotel, i suppose? Personally I didn't like Udaipur... I got lost in the mahal! It took my parents 3 hours to search me.. I was a kid FYI !

    Your photos are superb and philosophies only for the husband? You are mean :D

    And you should have started with chanakya's chant first... you'll love it! :)

    And word of advice, the chapters fall into different it's irritating sometimes.. reading two stories at once!

    1. Yes. The lake palace has been turned into a hotel.
      And I liked Udaipur. I feel the place and culture is unique and charming.

      Everyone is all praise for Chanakya's Chant. Should see how it works for me ..

  2. Looking forward to the Udaipur post. I loved the city. Haven't been to Kabini but its on the cards. Do review the books as well.

    1. Am also looking forward to write them all :) Kabini is just a 5 hour drive from Bangalore .. So you can do it quite easily.
      Am on with the third book now. So reviews should come soon too! :)

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  4. Yes sometimes you have a lot of plans on what to write but finding time becomes a big question.this is great for a start :)

  5. Responding to your comment on my blog (its not showing up funnily)...nope there is no smell of fish..also we booked the houseboat separately from the resort...can share the details on email if u like.


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