Sunday, 30 September 2012

The only thing that is permanent

Change – What does this word bring to your mind? Does it feel like a breath of fresh air? Or does it indicate discomfort and fear of the unknown? And how do you react to it? Simply close your eyes and mind in fear or slowly hold hands with it in trepidation or embrace it welcomingly?  Irrespective of perceptions and reactions, change is something interesting and adventurous that is in the offing.

It intrigues us to slowly push that mysterious door and take a first peek through the small crack and then gradually push it open as it unveils a whole new arena. We cautiously take that first step in. And more often than not, the steps thereafter are not in our control. We just get sucked in and start whirling in the whirlpool. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Its funJ.

Sometimes the stomach churns and lurches at unexpected turns. We bump ourselves here and there, get shocks and surprises (both pleasant and unpleasant) and even go about in circles. Sometimes it’s a whopping high jump or a free fall that makes you feel like your belly is giving way and then you land in a place that has more beautiful sights to see than you ever imagined. Other times, you land up in a not so nice place but take yourself through it nevertheless. And at the end of these not so nice explorations too, we always stand to gain more than we ever thought we would. While the comfortable journeys through tree lined roads on well laid paths are memorable and happy, the rough patches are the ones that bring out our true potential. We seem to gain, no matter which path the change puts us into.

And what is life without a bit of everything after all? I doubt if we would enjoy any journey if it was thoroughly pleasant and completely predictable. I don’t want to come to work knowing the exact plans for the day all the time. I do want those days when my boss throws a googly at me and says ‘deliver by noon’. What fun it is to see the speed at which the brain works and the way the body completely co-operates heedless to hunger and thirst to reach the finish line! That late lunch laced with the flavour of a task accomplished, pushed into the tired body after running a mad race tastes sweeter than anything else. We do need these roller coaster rides to spice up life after all.

My own reactions to change have gone through a lot of transformation over the years and the journey is still on. Years back, change in any form used to make me shudder and feel extremely uncomfortable. I would want to visit the same restaurants, order the same dishes and wear the same kind of clothes .I have never lived outside my hometown or away from my parents. I used to be teased as a ‘frog in a pot’ and that I really was (Yeah I ‘was’. I’ve now graduated into a frog in a well and am soon planning to shift into a pond. That’s a broader area you know?J) Thankfully my workplace came to my rescue and transformed me completely. A series of upside down changes at one shot gave me lessons worth for all the years I had lived till then. It showed me that my potential was far higher than what I thought. I came out stronger, robust and most importantly, wiser. I realised how important changes are in our evolution as human beings. Uncomfortable and difficult they might be, but sans changes, we would get completely stunted as a person and also miss out on a lot of wonderful experiences which it always brings along.

Today, the thought of change is not unwelcome or uncomfortable to me anymore. I have my head tilted upwards as the rays of the early morning sun slowly caress my face. I feel a strange sense of excitement mixed with fear surge through my being as I get a sneak peek at what is in store. It will feel pleasant to bask in the warmth of those rays. I also know that the intensity may increase as the day moves forward. There will be moments when I feel the sweltering heat and maybe even find the powerful rays blinding my eyes, but only to leave it clearer and sharper than before. And the sun would keep hiding behind the clouds to give me my share of pleasant weather too.
So bring it on, oh beautiful light from the timeless source!! I stand ready and waiting to play the game with you. For, I already know that we both win. 


  1. that's an insightful and lovely message, Aarthy. Even I used to dislike change earlier but now I like to experiment with newer things in life. I guess when we are more comfortable with who we are, we stop resisting the change and are willing to explore newer avenues.

    1. Thanks Uma.And that's a new thought .. We welcome change when we are more comfortable with ourselves .. Its actually true ..
      I guess we get the confidence that we can handle the unknown when we get sure footed .

  2. Change is good if it is going towards something and not running away from something.

    1. True SG .. Running away from something is more of escapism .. Change is about embracing new things in life isn't it?
      Thanks for the comment and welcome to this space!


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