Sunday, 8 July 2012

My First!

I am so overwhelmed to receive these awards from Uma in spite of being a very recent entrant in the blogsphere.

There is a tag I need to do, but before that, a slight detour to tell you how I landed here. About 4 years back, I started a writing a blog titled ‘My Musings’ J. I wrote only one post and stopped there. Then a few months back, while ruminating in my mind over starting a new blog, I simply googled the title to see if the old one was still alive. The first result Google threw was a post from Uma’s blog titled ‘Not made for each other’ and it really caught my eye. And once I got to her blog, it kept me engrossed for quite some time. I wrote some comments and she wrote back during the course of which she kindled the spark and gave finality to my ruminations and I started writing again.  So my first award comes from the same person who gave the final clinch to my landing in here! Thanks Uma J

Now for the tag. 7 random things about myself.

1.     Am a voracious reader and when I pick up something to read, I read line by line, in detail, unless it’s badly written. I very rarely skim through anything.

2.     I take great care while writing – be it a comment on a blog, an email at work or even a simple reminder for myself in my outlook calendar. I read, edit, re-read until am satisfied.
(But mistakes happen in spite of that L I feel very bad when errors like misspelt words or missing letters still manage to come in)

3.     I squirm in my seat when people speak or write atrociously wrong English. It has the same effect on me as a chalk piece squeaking while writing on the black board.

4.     I love eating out at restaurants. My favourite cuisine is Chinese (only the vegetarian food though). But I can’t live without curd rice J

5.     I am a hopeless day dreamer and am often caught smiling to myself.

6.     Mountains and water bodies get me transfixed. I feel that strange sense of peace descend upon myself when I watch them. 

7.     I looooooooooooveeee the rain!!! I can watch it for hours on end while it pours down.But loud thunders scare me L

As for passing on the award and tag, all my favourite bloggers have already been taken. And being quite new to this space, I don’t know many. So I should be excused here and I hope to widen my circle with time. Cheers J


  1. what a sweet post! samepinch on the curd rice - tho lately it has been ghee rice for me :(
    Good to read about ur randomness, aarthy :) Have enjoyed the posts u have written so far, do keep writing!

    1. Thanks Aparna!
      Ghee rice is tasty too .. But that 'finishing flourish' to every meal is a unique quality of curd rice alone no? :)

  2. #3 and #7 is same :) :) I hate curd and puke the moment I eat it so curd rice is definitely not for me!

    And congratulations on the award!

    1. Thanks Divya!
      Glad we share some traits :)
      About curd rice, I have quite a few friends who give the same reaction as yours :)

  3. hey I thought I had commented..but apparently I haven't!
    looks like age is catching up with me ;-)
    you started one with "My Musings" ??? what a strange coincidence then..:-)
    I swear by curd rice too...finishing flourish is quite apt! I second point 3. From the way you wrote your comments with care and thoughts, I always felt you'd be a good writer. Am glad that I could be the instrumental in you re-starting a blog.
    Keep writing!

    1. Thanks Uma! For the inspiration and all the encouragement ..
      Strange but yes,I had started the namesake at wordpress :)
      Quite a few curd rice fans here no? Lets start a curd rice community :)

  4. Yay! Congratulations on the award! :) It may be early but you totally deserve it! enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much Purnima ! You made my day :)

  5. I really really love it when my first visit on a blog lets me know about some random things about the person !!

    Aarthy..u scared me with the first two points as u scream being perfectionist...m not!!

    but yeah I too love watching rainfall,mountans and Rivers and Chinese too!!

    Following you..keep in touch!

    1. Hi Lipsy! Glad I was able to welcome you with random things about myself :)
      And the aim at being perfect is only with reading and writing .. There are many things at which am an unbeatable epitome of disorder :)
      And we seem to share quite a few likes eh?

      Thanks for the comment and welcome to this space! Yes, will keep in touch ..


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